When You Feel You Want To Quit Just Keep Going

When You Feel You Want To Quit Just Keep Going

Have you been getting aggravated and upset, or frustrated because you set a goal and haven’t reached it? Well, your not alone, we all have been there at one time or another. We feel like we have failed and let ourselves down! Sometimes our expectations are just to high of ourselves and when we can’t achieve the goal we set out to reach we tend to give up and quit.

When You Feel You Want To Quit Just Keep Going

The main thing to remember is that you shouldn’t give up, take a step back and reevaluate the situation. Remember why you set that goal in the first place? was it to better your life? perhaps to be a healthier you! Whatever the reason was, you have to be honest with yourself, why did you start this journey in the first place, once you start thinking back and remembering you’ll get motivated and inspired again.

Everyone struggles with achieving their goals, the main thing is to stay focused and to never give up! Don’t just focus on the result, practice being patient and constantly remind yourself why you started this amazing path in the first place.

Stay motivated with these inspirational reminders:

1. Keep yourself conscious about why you started everyday.

2. Focus on the important things

3. When times get hard remember that it will pass.

4. Think of the future and how you will feel once you’ve achieved this goal.

5. Appreciate any progress that you make.

6. Have your daily goals set.

7. Celebrate every little achievement.

8. Just keep going.

9. Whatever you do don’t give up, you’ll regret it.

10. Enjoy your victory with someone special.

The sweet taste of victory!!! The feeling of satisfaction, you’ll know that you gave it your best and wether you reach your entire goal or just a part of it, you will definitely be proud of yourself.

Feeling accomplished is the best felling in the world.

5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Sucking The Life Out Of You

5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Sucking The Life Out Of You

5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Sucking The Life Out Of You
Nobody enters into a relationship with the intention of becoming a dejected shell of the person they once were. In fact, most people choose their mates with at least the subconscious hope of forming a relationship that will make them a better person. But, no matter the intention, unhealthy relationships happen.

Violence and verbal abuse aren’t the only ways to cause harm in a relationship. It can also be accomplished through simple manipulation. The manipulator might not even realize they’re doing it, but that’s no excuse to stay in the relationship. Relationships are give and take, and manipulators are takers.

Here are a few signs to help recognize when a relationship is sucking you dry.

You Abandon What Once Made You Happy

The suffering partner in an unhealthy relationship will make it their main goal to please their partner. It becomes such a difficult task that they commit all their energy to achieving this goal, leaving no time or interest for friends, family, or hobbies.

You’re Always the One to Apologize

As stated before, they live to please their partner, even if it means apologizing for things they shouldn’t have to be sorry for. Manipulators use guilt trips to get their way, and after a while, the feeling of guilt becomes an instinct.

You Suffer From Low Self-Esteem

The manipulated person will begin to feel like they aren’t good enough for their partner. They focus on their faults and how they could be better, leaving them feeling down on themselves.

You Can’t Say No

Again, this ties back to the need to please their partner, but not only do they want to please them, they dread the consequences of denying them—which ties back to the guilt.

You are No Longer Yourself

All of these reactions put together create someone who constantly feels the need to walk on egg shells. They’re careful about everything they do or say for fear of messing up. Consequently, they become a shell of the person they once were.

It’s hard for people who’ve never experienced this to understand how anyone could stay in this type of relationship. However, it’s a process that happens over time. In the beginning, things are usually great, but once the subtle manipulation begins, anything that goes wrong feels like it must be their fault. They find themselves doing whatever it takes to repair the loss or damage, until they’re a different person altogether. No one should have to change who they are to be with another person. Sometimes the only thing to do is to move on.

7 Things Crazy-In-Love Couples Do

7 Things Crazy-In-Love Couples Do

7 Things Crazy-In-Love Couples Do

Couples often strive to achieve a perfect and happy relationship. Our relationship is in our hands, we should not throw it away calling it fate. We can adopt different habits and change a few things.

Here are 7 of the things happy couples do:

• Spend quality time together

You can’t stay happy without spending some quality time together, this is an important component of a happy love life. When we spend time with our partner we re-energize each other. Plan a date night and stay updated about the events taking place in your partner’s life. It’s special to know about each other’s lives and show concern about their joys and sorrows.

• Satisfying each other’s needs

We may have needs and desires we want our partner to fulfill. The initial months of your partnership often go so well you look for excuses to get naked together, but as time passes it’s important to be aware of what your partner is craving. Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and author of She Comes First says, “There are two basic sexual types: thrill seekers and comfort seekers.” Thrill seekers crave novelty and are easily bored with familiarity while comfort seekers can be turned on by little things. If you are both the same type it’s easy to fulfill each other’s needs, if you’re not you can communicate and develop new ideas. A sexually happy partner will go the extra mile to keep you happy.

• Plan and work together

Plan your lives so you are able to do the important things that matter in your relationship. Plan your dates, sex life, hang out with friends, and make time for each other. You can mark events on a calendar and try working on some things together, which involves more interaction, things get done quickly and easily. You may start enjoying even mundane tasks!

• Get cozy twice a day

A 20 second hug is considered a healthy hug, it takes 20 seconds for oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, to release in the body. This hormone makes you feel safe and that everything is all right.

• Know your partner’s love language

Everyone has their own gestures and language of love. If you don’t know your partner’s love language yet then ask what it is that you do that makes him feel loved? It can be a lovely dinner, a massage, surprise texts, or a romantic date, find out what makes your partner’s heart beat faster and enjoy.

• Listen patiently

Listening patiently to your partner shows your deep level of caring. Few things are better evidence of love between you than this. Listen to your partner’s stress, feelings, problems, and thoughts to help them feel better and comfortable. One thing your partner wants in downtime is your patience and company.

• Keep cheering each other

Have you ever heard a voice cheering you on and suddenly you start performing better? This is the impact of cheering your partner. Crazy-in-love couples keep motivating each other, praising strengths and helping with weaknesses. Don’t wait for downtime to talk and be supportive.

10 Positive Signs You Are In the Right Relationship

10 Positive Signs You Are In the Right Relationship

10 Positive Signs You Are In the Right Relationship

It can be confusing to decide if we are in the right relationship. It’s important to know that what you are doing is right. How is one sure? We have some hints, see if you can match your relationship to these signs:

• No emotional games

Relationships are difficult when games are played. The love dies and its not worth being in the relationship. If you are lucky enough to be in a game-free relationship you have something good going, keep it up!

• Mutual understanding

Mutual understanding is an important factor in a good relationship. If you share the same feelings and mindset its a good sign that you are in the right relationship. Some examples are if you agree on personal values, kids, careers, and friends.

• You argue

Arguments are fine if not too harsh or frequent. Arguing shows you have strong opinions and stand by them, but at the same time you’re sensible enough to keep it from going to extremes. Never arguing might mean one of you is hiding their feelings which is not good in the long run.

• Intimacy

If your physical relationship is so good that you get a boost from it, that’s a good thing. A partner that boosts your confidence by igniting you from within is worth keeping.

• Respect

Another sign of a good relationship is being respectful of each other. If you respect each other’s feelings and decisions moving forward in a relationship will be easier. When there is no respect you should reconsider your choice of partner.

• Joy and fun

A happy relationship is healthy, if you laugh and have fun together when you go to the movies, to dinner, any other event, or even doing nothing, if you enjoy each other’s humor and being together it’s a sign of a good relationship.

• Being perfect is not necessary

If you are forced to be perfect in everything you’re living in a type of prison where you are supposed to be cautious in your actions, thoughts, and words. If you expect your relationship to be perfect you expect the impossible. A person with flaws may be the right person, you never know!

• You can compromise

If you can compromise on disagreements for the betterment of your relationship you have a good relationship. If you always disagree and argue over who is right or wrong, you need to work on this. If it persists reconsider the match.

• You stop hiding your flaws

Everyone has flaws, but if you are always trying to hide them from your partner to seem perfect then you are perpetuating a myth. A good relationship does not require showing off or pretention. You can be yourself and be loved for who you are.

• Family’s approval

If your partner has been approved by your friends and family you have probably made the right decision. Some people will not be happy no matter whom you choose, but if everyone dislikes him except you, it’s a good sign to move on. If everyone likes your choice then your chances are good for working out.

10 Things We Could Learn From Children

10 Things We Could Learn From Children

10 Things We Could Learn From Children

Have you ever learned something from a child? There are many things children can teach adults. There are a few things we tend to forget as we age which can be seen in children. Here is a list of some of them:

• Laugh freely

Children laugh with abandon and don’t think or care about how it will look. When they laugh, they laugh out loud. They are carefree and find happiness in small things, adults can go months without laughing, start laughing like a child.

• Stay courageous

Children do whatever they want to do. They sing loudly, dance around, and enjoy being creative. They don’t care about consequences and have no fear. They don’t know the taste of failure and just keep doing their best.

• Curious mind

Kids often imagine things in a weird way and tend to know the logistics behind things happening around them. They tell interesting stories about how babies are born, how trees grow, and many other developments. They have a great power to imagine things which yields great ideas. Sometimes they ask such weird questions we have a hard time coming up with an answer!

• Unconditional love

When children love they do it unconditionally without wanting anything in return, this is something we should learn. Just like trees bear fruit without expectation, kids shower love without consideration. Give unconditional love and see how your life changes.

• Live life on their own terms

Kids usually don’t have fixed schedules or obligations and they live life on their own terms, if they want to color or play with toys then that is what they do. Living life freely makes you more creative, efficient, and innovative.

• How to forgive

One moment they are upset, the next moment they are fine. You give them a chocolate and they are happy. They carry the attitude of forgive and forget. They are innocent and let go of anger and sadness. Learn to forgive and forget from the children around you, it feels good.

• Speak up and show your true emotions

Children don’t censor themselves before speaking, they show their true emotions. If they act happy they are happy, when they are angry they show that too. Speak up without trying to manipulate others to be at peace.

• Innocence

One of the best qualities of children is innocence, adopt it. Their soul is honest and their conscience is clear. They are too innocent to think about revenge or violence. They tend to trust everyone and have the mindset that life will be good to them.

• Dream big

For children the sky is the limit and they dream big. Adults tend to limit our abilities and dream according to them. We should dream big and expand our capacity and skills to achieve our dreams. If you can’t dream you can’t achieve.

• Do things you enjoy

Kids do what they love and don’t do much they don’t enjoy, you can learn from them and pursue your interests. When you do what you love you can work wonders, it will always be fun and interesting instead of a burden.