7 Things Crazy-In-Love Couples Do

7 Things Crazy-In-Love Couples Do

7 Things Crazy-In-Love Couples Do

Couples often strive to achieve a perfect and happy relationship. Our relationship is in our hands, we should not throw it away calling it fate. We can adopt different habits and change a few things.

Here are 7 of the things happy couples do:

• Spend quality time together

You can’t stay happy without spending some quality time together, this is an important component of a happy love life. When we spend time with our partner we re-energize each other. Plan a date night and stay updated about the events taking place in your partner’s life. It’s special to know about each other’s lives and show concern about their joys and sorrows.

• Satisfying each other’s needs

We may have needs and desires we want our partner to fulfill. The initial months of your partnership often go so well you look for excuses to get naked together, but as time passes it’s important to be aware of what your partner is craving. Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and author of She Comes First says, “There are two basic sexual types: thrill seekers and comfort seekers.” Thrill seekers crave novelty and are easily bored with familiarity while comfort seekers can be turned on by little things. If you are both the same type it’s easy to fulfill each other’s needs, if you’re not you can communicate and develop new ideas. A sexually happy partner will go the extra mile to keep you happy.

• Plan and work together

Plan your lives so you are able to do the important things that matter in your relationship. Plan your dates, sex life, hang out with friends, and make time for each other. You can mark events on a calendar and try working on some things together, which involves more interaction, things get done quickly and easily. You may start enjoying even mundane tasks!

• Get cozy twice a day

A 20 second hug is considered a healthy hug, it takes 20 seconds for oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, to release in the body. This hormone makes you feel safe and that everything is all right.

• Know your partner’s love language

Everyone has their own gestures and language of love. If you don’t know your partner’s love language yet then ask what it is that you do that makes him feel loved? It can be a lovely dinner, a massage, surprise texts, or a romantic date, find out what makes your partner’s heart beat faster and enjoy.

• Listen patiently

Listening patiently to your partner shows your deep level of caring. Few things are better evidence of love between you than this. Listen to your partner’s stress, feelings, problems, and thoughts to help them feel better and comfortable. One thing your partner wants in downtime is your patience and company.

• Keep cheering each other

Have you ever heard a voice cheering you on and suddenly you start performing better? This is the impact of cheering your partner. Crazy-in-love couples keep motivating each other, praising strengths and helping with weaknesses. Don’t wait for downtime to talk and be supportive.