7 Dirty Foods You’re Eating

7 Dirty Foods You’re Eating

7 Dirty Foods You're Eating
With outbreaks of food-borne illness on the rise in recent years, more people are beginning to take the term “eating clean” literally. It’s no secret that improperly prepared food can make you sick, but what if it was never really safe to begin with? Here are seven of the dirtiest foods you’re eating.

1. Cantaloupes

Fresh cantaloupe may no be so healthy after all. According to the FDA, nearly four percent of cantaloupes tested positive for Shigella and salmonella. Since you don’t cook melon, you could swallow a big dose of food poisoning with the delicious fruit. To reduce your risk, buy whole melons with an intact rind, and always scrub them with soap and water before eating.

2. Eggs

Perhaps egg produces should change their slogan to, “The incredible, inedible egg.” More than 650,000 cases of egg-related food poisoning occur in America each year, and the problem is increasing. Fortunately, it’s easy to minimize your risk. Make sure the eggs you buy are pasteurized, and consider purchasing free-range eggs since they’re less likely to be contaminated in the first place. Lastly, check your eggs for cracks before eating them, and always cook them thoroughly.

3. Turkey Burger

According to USDA testing, you have a one in four chance of buying ground turkey tainted with Clostridium, Listeria, Campylobacter, Salmonella or all of the above. In one study, some strains of the Salmonella found were antibiotic-resistant. A good way to avoid this is to buy organic ground turkey. Organic producers don’t use antibiotics in their meat, which prevents the development of resistant germs.

4. Chicken

Chicken may be one of the filthiest foods in your refrigerator. In a test of 484 raw birds, more than ten percent were positive for Salmonella, and over 40 percent were positive for Campylobacter jejuni. Considering that Americans eat 70 pounds of chicken per person annually, the stakes are high. However, the risk is much lower with free-range birds, which aren’t kept in the same deplorable conditions as conventional chickens.

5. Peaches

Fresh peaches look tasty, but they’re hiding a dirty little secret. The average peach harbors as many as nine pesticides in large quantities, making them some of the most toxic fruits available. If at all possible, opt for organic peaches. Although they still contain pesticides, only traces are left on the fruit.

6. Bagged Lettuce

Don’t let the “triple washed” label fool you. Despite these claims, bagged lettuce can still contain bugs like E. coli and Salmonella. It’s recommended to wash your lettuce before using it, no matter how clean it looks.

7. Green Onions

Fancy some raw green onion in your salad? If so, you might want to reconsider. Green onions have been responsible for multiple outbreaks of hepatits A in recent years. People have also fallen victim to Salmonella, Shigella and the parasite Cryptosporidium from eating raw green onions. When preparing these vegetables, always be sure remove the first layer and rinse them thoroughly. Thorough cooking is strongly recommended.

Five Ways to Catch Your Cheating Partner

Five Ways to Catch Your Cheating Partner

Five Ways to Catch Your Cheating Partner

Many people have seen television shows like “Cheaters” that catch people in relationships in the act of cheating. The dramatized nature of cheating in modern society often leads people to suspicion that their significant other may be cheating on them. Catching a partner that you suspect is cheating can be difficult because most people having affairs think of creative ways to cover their tracks. Catching a cheater is a lot like being a detective. It’s important to monitor your significant other in a way that doesn’t potentially ruin the relationship.

Lack of Attention

It is often difficult for someone who is cheating to hold complete attention on two men or women simultaneously. People with jobs, families and hobbies usually find it difficult to strike a balance when things are normal. Relationships are similar to plants. They need to be tended to on a regular basis or they wither.

Does he seem to be spending too much time at work?

Visible Nervousness

People who cheat are often visibly trying to conceal evidence. This is most visible through their behavior.

Does he appear nervous if you try to grab his phone?

Hidden Evidence

Someone who is cheating may make an overt effort to hide evidence.

Is his internet browsing history empty?
Are there blank contacts listed in his phone?

Overt Privacy

It is normal for people in relationships to want to maintain a small amount of privacy. Many people have details about themselves that they wouldn’t share with their significant other because they might be embarrassing. If you notice your boyfriend is intentionally putting locks on his phone and computer, you may have reason to be suspicious.

Does he refuse to share his computer passwords with you?

Does he step into the other room before unlocking his phone?

Shady Communication

Poor communication is another good sign that your relationship may be compromised. Your boyfriend may refuse to tell you where he is going at night or on weekends.

Does he appear distant and hard to communicate with?

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You Can Always Find Hope In A Dog’s Eyes, Your Heart is going To Melt Away!!!

You Can Always Find Hope In A Dog’s Eyes, Your Heart is going To Melt Away!!!

Around the world, we always have street dogs with bad conditions, some got lucky and found forever home and most of them are not lucky to find a warm home! This is the story of Fiona, a blind dog who was found living in the trash without water and food. Its hard to imagine how she survived with her special condition. They ended up in the street when the breeder or an owner found out about their health issues! I always said dogs are not toys they are partners for life. She was rescued and cleaned up and surprisingly her eye sight came back.

Take a look at the pictures taken before and after this dog rescue to see how these angels saved her life:

blind-dog 1

Here is a very touching video about Fiona. It breaks my heart and I keep crying when I watch the video:

Fiona is so famous now that she’s been to several TV shows including Anderson Cooper’s show.

blind-dog 2

No Limbs, No Limits!!! The Unstoppable Man

No Limbs, No Limits!!! The Unstoppable Man

Its hard to even imagine being born with no arms! It means there wouldn’t be hands to hold your loved ones your child your wife your mom …. you cannot touch anything . Can you imagine how hard would life be for !

Nick Vujicic

It even gets worst, there is no legs, No dance for you for the rest of your life, no running in a farm ! What would you do? what would your parents do? This is the life of Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic 2

Nicholas James Vujicic is now over 30 years old and counting , he is an Australian preacher and motivational speaker, who suffers from Tetra amelia syndrome.

When His Body Shouted Stop, His Mind Screamed “Never”

When His Body Shouted Stop, His Mind Screamed “Never”

I can say it loudly that this is one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen in the internet. There is always a chance for anything, stop thinking negatively and believe that things can work out the way you want.


Derek Redmond who held the British record for 400 meters sprint and also has won a gold medal at the World Championships is the person in the picture. He has so many medals but he is well known as a person who never gave up, during a Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992 he tore his hamstring but he didn’t give up and continue the run with all the pain , his father was watching him and he start running next to him and shouting that yes you can yes son you can , and guess what he finished the end line and it become a well-remembered moment in Olympic for him.