10 Things We Could Learn From Children

10 Things We Could Learn From Children

10 Things We Could Learn From Children

Have you ever learned something from a child? There are many things children can teach adults. There are a few things we tend to forget as we age which can be seen in children. Here is a list of some of them:

• Laugh freely

Children laugh with abandon and don’t think or care about how it will look. When they laugh, they laugh out loud. They are carefree and find happiness in small things, adults can go months without laughing, start laughing like a child.

• Stay courageous

Children do whatever they want to do. They sing loudly, dance around, and enjoy being creative. They don’t care about consequences and have no fear. They don’t know the taste of failure and just keep doing their best.

• Curious mind

Kids often imagine things in a weird way and tend to know the logistics behind things happening around them. They tell interesting stories about how babies are born, how trees grow, and many other developments. They have a great power to imagine things which yields great ideas. Sometimes they ask such weird questions we have a hard time coming up with an answer!

• Unconditional love

When children love they do it unconditionally without wanting anything in return, this is something we should learn. Just like trees bear fruit without expectation, kids shower love without consideration. Give unconditional love and see how your life changes.

• Live life on their own terms

Kids usually don’t have fixed schedules or obligations and they live life on their own terms, if they want to color or play with toys then that is what they do. Living life freely makes you more creative, efficient, and innovative.

• How to forgive

One moment they are upset, the next moment they are fine. You give them a chocolate and they are happy. They carry the attitude of forgive and forget. They are innocent and let go of anger and sadness. Learn to forgive and forget from the children around you, it feels good.

• Speak up and show your true emotions

Children don’t censor themselves before speaking, they show their true emotions. If they act happy they are happy, when they are angry they show that too. Speak up without trying to manipulate others to be at peace.

• Innocence

One of the best qualities of children is innocence, adopt it. Their soul is honest and their conscience is clear. They are too innocent to think about revenge or violence. They tend to trust everyone and have the mindset that life will be good to them.

• Dream big

For children the sky is the limit and they dream big. Adults tend to limit our abilities and dream according to them. We should dream big and expand our capacity and skills to achieve our dreams. If you can’t dream you can’t achieve.

• Do things you enjoy

Kids do what they love and don’t do much they don’t enjoy, you can learn from them and pursue your interests. When you do what you love you can work wonders, it will always be fun and interesting instead of a burden.

5 Habits of Sexy people

5 Habits of Sexy people

5 Habits of Sexy people

Human sexuality is a largely a by-product of days gone by when we needed to reproduce to ensure the survival of our species. In addition, people generally looked for partners who would be able to take care of them or who could boost their social standing. Today, population is more likely to need controlling than growing, but we are still hardwired with traits that make us seek specific types of sexual partners. We also don’t necessarily need a wife who can impress our boss with a perfect dinner or a husband who can fight off a tiger, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate these qualities anyway. While your mind is not always thinking about these things when you’re interested in someone, your evolutionary hard drive is. Therefore, ‘sexy’ could also be viewed as having desirable traits for procreation or successful companionship. Thankfully, most of these traits are also very sexy in our modern definition of the word.

Some habits of the world’s sexiest people are as follows:

1. Eat right and exercise regularly
It certainly isn’t a revelation that a good body is attractive to the opposite sex, but why is it so important? Well, the fact is that a healthy body weight can often mean putting the right nutrients into your body and also getting your body moving. When you are giving your body what it needs, you will naturally have better hair, better skin, and a better attitude. All of those are certainly sexy! In addition, a healthy body weight is also important for reproduction. Women with too little or too much fat can have trouble conceiving and carrying babies to full term. Furthermore, body weight can sometimes impact the health of a baby as well. In addition, men who are over or underweight can have difficulty with sperm production. Health is also an important indicator for one’s ability to provide for and care for a child.

2. Educating yourself
Education is an essential trait to have in our society. Statistically, educated individuals make more money and lead happier lives than their less educated counterparts. It’s definitely sexy to have someone who can keep up with you in conversation as well learn about your interests. There was a time that having a wife with a college degree was a sign of social status. Of course now women are more likely to use their education for much more than social status. But still, no one wants to talk to someone as intelligent as a brick wall. In addition, educated people make more money and offer better opportunities for their children to become educated as well.

3. Be Classy
While you might absolutely love your boyfriend’s goofy sense of humor, you probably don’t want him telling his off-color jokes at your grandmother’s birthday party. The same goes for the ladies. Your boyfriend might love to take you to the club in a mini skirt, but would probably rather you cover up a bit more for his office Christmas party. Classy individuals know how to act in all situations and try not to embarrass the people they are with. Class is about treating those around you with respect. It also makes you look like a great potential life partner or parent.

4. Emotional Security
No one enjoys hearing the same things over and over. If you’re the type of girl or guy who always needs to hear how attractive or awesome you are, then you are certainly insecure. Constant pleas for attention can get old really quick. What is much more pleasing is someone who knows they are great and doesn’t need someone else to tell them. No, don’t take it to a narcissistic level, but a healthy self-esteem is very attractive. It’s also a quality you will be able to teach others.

5. Be Responsible
Sure, that girl at the clubs ‘til 2 am and taking a spur of the moment trip across the country can seem exciting at first, but what is that like long term? Your life would be much simpler and happier with someone who heads home in time to get enough sleep before work and actually plans for the trip by saving rather than maxing out credit cards. It might not be as thrilling, but there will be much less drama. Also, having someone you can trust to pick up your dry cleaning doesn’t hurt. Who knew dependability could be so sexy?