When You Feel You Want To Quit Just Keep Going

When You Feel You Want To Quit Just Keep Going

Have you been getting aggravated and upset, or frustrated because you set a goal and haven’t reached it? Well, your not alone, we all have been there at one time or another. We feel like we have failed and let ourselves down! Sometimes our expectations are just to high of ourselves and when we can’t achieve the goal we set out to reach we tend to give up and quit.

When You Feel You Want To Quit Just Keep Going

The main thing to remember is that you shouldn’t give up, take a step back and reevaluate the situation. Remember why you set that goal in the first place? was it to better your life? perhaps to be a healthier you! Whatever the reason was, you have to be honest with yourself, why did you start this journey in the first place, once you start thinking back and remembering you’ll get motivated and inspired again.

Everyone struggles with achieving their goals, the main thing is to stay focused and to never give up! Don’t just focus on the result, practice being patient and constantly remind yourself why you started this amazing path in the first place.

Stay motivated with these inspirational reminders:

1. Keep yourself conscious about why you started everyday.

2. Focus on the important things

3. When times get hard remember that it will pass.

4. Think of the future and how you will feel once you’ve achieved this goal.

5. Appreciate any progress that you make.

6. Have your daily goals set.

7. Celebrate every little achievement.

8. Just keep going.

9. Whatever you do don’t give up, you’ll regret it.

10. Enjoy your victory with someone special.

The sweet taste of victory!!! The feeling of satisfaction, you’ll know that you gave it your best and wether you reach your entire goal or just a part of it, you will definitely be proud of yourself.

Feeling accomplished is the best felling in the world.

You Can Always Find Hope In A Dog’s Eyes, Your Heart is going To Melt Away!!!

You Can Always Find Hope In A Dog’s Eyes, Your Heart is going To Melt Away!!!

Around the world, we always have street dogs with bad conditions, some got lucky and found forever home and most of them are not lucky to find a warm home! This is the story of Fiona, a blind dog who was found living in the trash without water and food. Its hard to imagine how she survived with her special condition. They ended up in the street when the breeder or an owner found out about their health issues! I always said dogs are not toys they are partners for life. She was rescued and cleaned up and surprisingly her eye sight came back.

Take a look at the pictures taken before and after this dog rescue to see how these angels saved her life:

blind-dog 1

Here is a very touching video about Fiona. It breaks my heart and I keep crying when I watch the video:

Fiona is so famous now that she’s been to several TV shows including Anderson Cooper’s show.

blind-dog 2

No Limbs, No Limits!!! The Unstoppable Man

No Limbs, No Limits!!! The Unstoppable Man

Its hard to even imagine being born with no arms! It means there wouldn’t be hands to hold your loved ones your child your wife your mom …. you cannot touch anything . Can you imagine how hard would life be for !

Nick Vujicic

It even gets worst, there is no legs, No dance for you for the rest of your life, no running in a farm ! What would you do? what would your parents do? This is the life of Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic 2

Nicholas James Vujicic is now over 30 years old and counting , he is an Australian preacher and motivational speaker, who suffers from Tetra amelia syndrome.

When His Body Shouted Stop, His Mind Screamed “Never”

When His Body Shouted Stop, His Mind Screamed “Never”

I can say it loudly that this is one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen in the internet. There is always a chance for anything, stop thinking negatively and believe that things can work out the way you want.


Derek Redmond who held the British record for 400 meters sprint and also has won a gold medal at the World Championships is the person in the picture. He has so many medals but he is well known as a person who never gave up, during a Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992 he tore his hamstring but he didn’t give up and continue the run with all the pain , his father was watching him and he start running next to him and shouting that yes you can yes son you can , and guess what he finished the end line and it become a well-remembered moment in Olympic for him.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger, Literally!!!

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger, Literally!!!


Progress is essential, We are all on our own journey Don’t judge and make sure you are always moving forward. It doesn’t matter whats your journey is, the important part is how you pick yourself back up and greet your new life. Life comes with all difficulties and humans has the ability to adopt and change .

Hugh Herr, was once a rock climbing champion who had a tragic accident and lost his legs, He managed to survive and become a motivational speaker and help thousands of others , he might never climb again but there sure is a new goal in his life which is helping others. The story of his journey is unbelievable and who knows how many people can survive such a tragic! Even thinking about how this accident changed his life make me feel sick but after reading his story I realized the answer is never giving up.