5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Sucking The Life Out Of You

5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Sucking The Life Out Of You

5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Sucking The Life Out Of You
Nobody enters into a relationship with the intention of becoming a dejected shell of the person they once were. In fact, most people choose their mates with at least the subconscious hope of forming a relationship that will make them a better person. But, no matter the intention, unhealthy relationships happen.

Violence and verbal abuse aren’t the only ways to cause harm in a relationship. It can also be accomplished through simple manipulation. The manipulator might not even realize they’re doing it, but that’s no excuse to stay in the relationship. Relationships are give and take, and manipulators are takers.

Here are a few signs to help recognize when a relationship is sucking you dry.

You Abandon What Once Made You Happy

The suffering partner in an unhealthy relationship will make it their main goal to please their partner. It becomes such a difficult task that they commit all their energy to achieving this goal, leaving no time or interest for friends, family, or hobbies.

You’re Always the One to Apologize

As stated before, they live to please their partner, even if it means apologizing for things they shouldn’t have to be sorry for. Manipulators use guilt trips to get their way, and after a while, the feeling of guilt becomes an instinct.

You Suffer From Low Self-Esteem

The manipulated person will begin to feel like they aren’t good enough for their partner. They focus on their faults and how they could be better, leaving them feeling down on themselves.

You Can’t Say No

Again, this ties back to the need to please their partner, but not only do they want to please them, they dread the consequences of denying them—which ties back to the guilt.

You are No Longer Yourself

All of these reactions put together create someone who constantly feels the need to walk on egg shells. They’re careful about everything they do or say for fear of messing up. Consequently, they become a shell of the person they once were.

It’s hard for people who’ve never experienced this to understand how anyone could stay in this type of relationship. However, it’s a process that happens over time. In the beginning, things are usually great, but once the subtle manipulation begins, anything that goes wrong feels like it must be their fault. They find themselves doing whatever it takes to repair the loss or damage, until they’re a different person altogether. No one should have to change who they are to be with another person. Sometimes the only thing to do is to move on.