10 Positive Signs You Are In the Right Relationship

10 Positive Signs You Are In the Right Relationship

10 Positive Signs You Are In the Right Relationship

It can be confusing to decide if we are in the right relationship. It’s important to know that what you are doing is right. How is one sure? We have some hints, see if you can match your relationship to these signs:

• No emotional games

Relationships are difficult when games are played. The love dies and its not worth being in the relationship. If you are lucky enough to be in a game-free relationship you have something good going, keep it up!

• Mutual understanding

Mutual understanding is an important factor in a good relationship. If you share the same feelings and mindset its a good sign that you are in the right relationship. Some examples are if you agree on personal values, kids, careers, and friends.

• You argue

Arguments are fine if not too harsh or frequent. Arguing shows you have strong opinions and stand by them, but at the same time you’re sensible enough to keep it from going to extremes. Never arguing might mean one of you is hiding their feelings which is not good in the long run.

• Intimacy

If your physical relationship is so good that you get a boost from it, that’s a good thing. A partner that boosts your confidence by igniting you from within is worth keeping.

• Respect

Another sign of a good relationship is being respectful of each other. If you respect each other’s feelings and decisions moving forward in a relationship will be easier. When there is no respect you should reconsider your choice of partner.

• Joy and fun

A happy relationship is healthy, if you laugh and have fun together when you go to the movies, to dinner, any other event, or even doing nothing, if you enjoy each other’s humor and being together it’s a sign of a good relationship.

• Being perfect is not necessary

If you are forced to be perfect in everything you’re living in a type of prison where you are supposed to be cautious in your actions, thoughts, and words. If you expect your relationship to be perfect you expect the impossible. A person with flaws may be the right person, you never know!

• You can compromise

If you can compromise on disagreements for the betterment of your relationship you have a good relationship. If you always disagree and argue over who is right or wrong, you need to work on this. If it persists reconsider the match.

• You stop hiding your flaws

Everyone has flaws, but if you are always trying to hide them from your partner to seem perfect then you are perpetuating a myth. A good relationship does not require showing off or pretention. You can be yourself and be loved for who you are.

• Family’s approval

If your partner has been approved by your friends and family you have probably made the right decision. Some people will not be happy no matter whom you choose, but if everyone dislikes him except you, it’s a good sign to move on. If everyone likes your choice then your chances are good for working out.